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Adiscon EventConsolidator is a EventLog management tool that is easy to use, and helps reviewing log data on remote locations. Basically, Eventconsolidator is for reviewing logs on remote locations. Search the Eventlog of a Windows machine without logging on directly. You may search the complete log or as well filter out anything you do not need for immediate research. Further you may export events into a textfile, or clear the whole log.

With EventConsolidator, home users and network administrators can easily watch what is going on on their remote hosts. In the case of problems it gains you easy access to the EventLog and let you find out was is troubling the machine.


Easy Review: Review the Eventlogs of remote Windows machines easily without having to logon directly.

Create Reports: Consolidate Windows events and create reports. Filter events by level, Eventlog type, Event IDs, User or select a time-frame in which events occured.

Ease of Use: EventConsolidator is easy to install and configure. Comprehensive step-by-step guides and wizards help users with setting up the application.

Friendly User Interface: EventConsolidator has a nice and decent user interface.

Addition of Hosts: You can easily add hosts/devices available in your network to EventConsolidator and monitor them.

Network Discovery: EventConsolidator is powered with network discovery wizard that helps to discover hosts available in the network.

EventConsolidator - Monitor your Servers and Routers
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